CIRCUS / Artemis Danza

Thursday 1st of July

9,30 pm

Levate, Corso Europa Park
(in case of rain, the Gym in IV Novembre street)


First National Repetition – Co-production FDE Festival Danza Estate

Circus is a show that captures the attention of all generations of spectators. A kaleidoscope of aerial performances, acrobatics, ground dances, juggling, eccentric comedy and clownerie. It’s a rich and energetic fresco, the result of the collaboration between different arts and performers referring to multiple images and colours of the ancient circus tradition. 


In collaboration with A levar l’ombra da terra  Festival and Municipality of Levate

Monica Casadei comes from Ferrara and after a competitive career in rhythmic gymnastics she studies classic and modern dance, first in Italy, then in London, finally in Paris, where she meets the choreographers  Pierre Doussaint, Isabelle Doubouloz and the maestro André Cognard Hanshi So shihan, with whom she is still practicing the martial art Aikido. In France she founds the Artemis Dance Company, which moves to Italy in 1997, giving life to an intense production activity. After working at theTeatro Due di Parma Foundation, since 2014 the company has been in artistic residence at Teatro Comunale di Bologna. Fundamental to her artistic research are the contaminations with different artistic, cultural and geographic environments, as well as the exploration of urban venues and spaces, which become theater of performative actions.  

Choreography, direction, lights and costumes Monica Casadei

Dancers Michelle Atoe, Teresa Morisano, Alessia Stradiotti, Silvia Di stazio, Mattia Molini, Christian Pellino, Salvatore Sciancalepore
Stilts Elisa Vignolo Dino Serra
Juggling Enrico Seghedoni
Co-production Festival Danza Estate

With the support of Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Emilia Romagna Region

Ph Vincenzo Cerati

Free Ticket

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