LITTLE MURMUR | Aakash Odedra Company

June 25

two shows
h 10:30am + 4pm

Cineteatro Oratorio Boccaleone
via S. Bartolomea Capitanio 9

Little Murmur

Aakash Odedra Company


Little Murmur is dedicated to children; it’s a show telling of the struggles of little boys and girls when they meet the world of letters and words. It’s a storytelling which explores challenges and difficulties of specific learning disorders through dance and new technologies in a poetic and amusing way, making words and bodies fly like flocks of birds murmuring in the sky.
In Little Murmur this different way of reading the world becomes beauty and that’s why it is to be celebrated. 

The show will be preceded by the meeting ““Dislessia questa mia compagna di vita” – Dyslexia – this life mate of mine, in collaboration with AID (Associazione Italiana Dislessia – Dyslexia Italian Association – Section of Bergamo).
A brief informative and educational moment about specific learning disorders to help public opinion understand the difficulties and resources of those who live every day with such learning problems.  


6 €

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Coreografia Aakash Odedra e Lewis Major
Danza Kalli Vratti
Produzione Aakash Odedra Company and The Spark Arts for Children
Composizione Musicale Nicki Wells
Supervisione musicale Nitin Sawhney
Visual Ars Electronica Futurelab