A(1)BIT / Sanpapié Company

13th of June,2021

10:30, 12:00 am
5:00, 6:30 pm

(four repetitions, 45′ duration)
Daste | 13 Daste e Spalenga street, Bergamo

A[1]BIT is a traveling performance that explores the relationship of the individual and the community with the city and urban spaces. A small group of spectators is invited to follow the dancers, rigorously wearing headphones playing a shared soundtrack – Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony – and a text which introduces and contextualizes the space of the performance. A path that is differently designed each time and along which the choreographic partition is marked by small collective rites in dance form that create an ever-changing community according to the space and the participants.

In collaboration with Daste

Since its founding in 2008, the Sanpapié troupe has performed in Italy, Europe and China. The plurality of language, the tension towards contamination and the opening of new relationships, both from an artistic and organizational point of view, are traits featuring Sanpapié and pushing the company towards research and experimentation of new ways.

The centrality of the body – considered as an engine of meaning as well as of movement – was the origin of a multidisciplinary path which led the company to carry the principles of Tanz Theater into our hyper-technological world, through shows merging various elements (choreography, music, dramaturgy, video).

Choreography Lara Guidetti

Choreography assistant Matteo Sacco

Texts and voice-over Marcello Gori

Performers Fabrizio Calanna, Sofia Casprini, Matteo Sacco, Lara Viscuso, Fernando Luis Colombo, Stefano Cortinovis

Produced in collaboration with MilanOltre, Festival Exister, DanceHauspiù

With the support of NEXT 2019/2020, a project of the Lombardy Region in collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo