LINK di ABC Allegra Brigata Cinematica

27th of June

10:30 am

Auditorium di Bergamo
2 Norberto Duzioni street, Bergamo

First National Repetition – FDE Festival Danza Estate Co-production



Link is a bond, a ring, a chain, but it is also a unit of measure of length in the Anglo-Saxon system, it’s the invisible thread joining two human beings forever. It’s a safe place where to store your own fears and dreams. The exploration of empty spaces that can be created through your body is the distinguishing feature of the choreographic research of Link, as a trigger for images and endless stories on separation. It’s a danced embrace which evolves and changes according to emotions and decisions that the two protagonists go through while dancing.

Dedicated to Valeria Frabetti.  

ABC-Allegra Brigata Cinematica is a company born in 2015 proposing shows and workshops for adults and younger generations. Movement and images are the starting points for creations that each time involve other artists, with the aim to implement cultural projects blending different languages and artistic proficiencies.  


Choreography and dance Alessandro Nosotti and Serena Marossi

With the support of TRAC_ Theater Residence Center in Puglia

From an idea by Serena Marossi and Luca Citron

Light designer and musical adviser Simone Moretti

Dramaturgy Angelo Facchetti (Teatro Telaio) and Samanta Cinquini

Costumes Balaustio

Original musical tracks Daniele Griselda

With the help of Bruno Bovelacci, Giulia Costantini

A co-production ABC and FDE Festival Danza Estate

With the support of Pandemonium Teatro (BG) and Teatro Gavazzeni of Seriate (BG)

Production and distribution curator Raffaella Basezzi

Ph Luca Citron