June 18
h 9pm

Cineteatro Colognola
via S.Sisto 9

Some Choreographies 

Jacopo Jenna

Some Choreographies is a system that reflects on dance by means of a visual archive of characters, activities and gestures which comprise the language of the performance, generating new images and new interpretations.
It’s a choreographic project which tries to liberate dance from the intensity of images and refer only to itself, thanks to the presence of the dancer Ramona Caia, who incarnates it and transforms it bringing body back to the present.
It’s a collection of images spreading across choreographic production from both a historical and an every-day point of view, resulting in a video sequence by the artist Roberto Frassone, which lights up a symbolic landscape where human-ness is absent, and where it calls for a relationship with the body on stage reflecting on that untouchable matter that is dance.

After the performance D_talk will take place, a chat with the artists chaired by Lorenzo Conti.


Full 12 € / Reduced FDECard 10 €

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Ideazione, regia e videocoreografia Jacopo Jenna
Collaborazione e danza Ramona Caia
Collaborazione e video Roberto Fassone
Musica originale Francesco Casciaro
Disegno luci Mattia Bagnoli
Costume Eva di Franco
Organizzazione Luisa Zuffo
Produzione KLm – Kinkaleri
Coproduzione Centrale Fies
Con il supporto di Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio | Progetto PrendersiCura