C&C Company Dead weight

August 2, 2020


Monastery of Carmine, 21 Colleoni street
Bergamo Upper City

A biting performance, sort of a frame of suburbs without time and identity. The protagonists are passive extras in a city they don’t recognize anymore, which has been transformed forgetting those who have lived on the outskirts.

Dead weight retraces the contemporary pietas with a physicality alternating between long lasting static moments and sudden collapses, between dynamic episodes and pauses. The skewed bodies on the verge of collapse are testimony of an in-depth inquiry on social changes and dynamics.

Creation and Rendition Carlo Massari/C&C Company

Onstage Masks Lee Ellis

Awards “TrenOFF2017” Prize, “Contact Zones 2019” Selection

In collaboration with TTB – Teatro tascabile di Bergamo – #TuoCarmine


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