Sunday 12 may

6.30 pm

Palestra Scuola Lotto – Bergamo

with Orlando– identità, relazioni, possibilità

“A challenge against time and one’s own limits: this is How To Destroy Your Dance by CollettivO CineticO in which Francesca Pennini and her performers let us know about their creativity and expressive talents. It’s a game, a game to be, a game to challenge and to put to test one’s own abilities and resistance: whether it is about holding an eighty kilos man on your shoulders whilst reciting the Latin version of the Ave Maria, or about running a certain amount of laps in a certain amount of time, or doing more than sixty pirouette in a row, or even about shouting all the times tables. CollettivO CineticO plays putting itself to the test and doing it with a sadistic but lightweight taste that captivates the viewer. There is a desire to see to what extent you can resist, until which point the synchrony of the bodies retains an immutable beauty, how much can the rhythmic variation influence the harmony of the bodies that move in the space as one single element. With the risk of repeating themselves, one can not avoid observing how the Francesca Pennini’s group has to its side a capacity and a will to put itself to the test with unique traits, knowing how to inflect with lightness and irony its expressive abilities, not taking itself too seriously, but acting with an executive seriousness that does not save neither those on stage nor to who witnesses, asking for the same commitment and involvement, emotional and intellectual. In How To Destroy Your Dance CollettivO CineticO confirms itself not only as an harmonious ensemble, not only well-arranged, not only cohesive, but above all as a war machine that can make of dance a new language every time, an unpredictable experience for the professional spectator as for who comes across it knowing nothing about Francesca Pennini and her crew. This is also the beauty of a festival that asks you to enter the heart of that strange and every time new and unrepeatable alchemy that is the theatre. ”

CollettivO CineticO was founded in 2007 by the choreographer Francesca Pennini and today it’s a network of more than 50 artists coming from different disciplines and backgrounds. Their work crosses genders and codes reformatting the rules of the performative event, it challenges the relationship with the spectator with a rigorous yet ironic approach. The company is resident in the “Teatro Comunale” of Ferrara and until now they made 51 creations, winning many awards: Giovani Danz’Autori Prize 2008; Rete Critica Award as Best Italian Artist 2014; Jurislav Korenić Award / Best Young Director – Sarajevo 2014; Danza&Danza Prize 2015; MESS Prize 2016 BE Festival – Birmingham; Hystrio Iceberg Award 2016; Prize of the National Association of Critics 2016; UBU Award – Best Dance Piece of 2017 for Sylphidarium; Grand-Prix Golden Laurel Wreath Award for Best Performance at 58° Festival MESS of Sarajevo 2018.

concept, direction, choreography: Francesca Pennini 

dramaturgy, technical management: Angelo Pedronimusic: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart reloadedsound elaboration & musical re-composition: Simone Arganini

action & creation: interpreters rotating between Simone Arganini, Niccolò Catani, Margherita Elliot, Carolina Fanti, Teodora Grano, Orlando Izzo, Fabio Novembrini, Carmine Parise, Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini, Ilaria Quaglia, Giulio Santolini, Stefano Sardi, Giulia Sposito. 

organisation: Carmine Parisewith the support of Inteatro Festival / MARCHE TEATROart residencies: Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Inteatro Festival / MARCHE TEATRO 

Thanks to La Biennale di Venezia

foto: Camilla Caselli

Sunday 12 May

6.30pm – School Lotto, via Tadini 24, Bergamo

TICKETS : full 10€ / reduced 8€


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