Giselda Ranieri, Lello Cassinotti: DI_(S)TANZE

September 6

18.00 and 21.00

Monastery of Carmine, 21 Colleoni street
Bergamo Upper City

First Repetition

Di_(S)tanze is a meeting and an exchange between the full-bodied voice of Antonello Cassinotti (the performer and vocal experimenter), and the playfully resonant and expressive body of Giselda Ranier (the dancer and choreographer). It’s a work of real time composition and body-vocal improvisations that explores the boundaries of a pair, in duet.

Two distant souls meet up and dialogue about instants in a room.
Two souls… far apart, detached, expressing at intervals in the space – sketched physically  and vocally – in stops and starts.

Choreographyand direction Giselda Ranieri e Lello Cassinotti

body-to-voice: Antonello Cassinotti

voice-to-body: Giselda Ranieri
sound: Luca de Marinis
coproduction: ALDES e Festival Danza Estate
with the support of: MIBACT/ Live show General Direction, TUSCANY REGION, Region /Show Regional System

In collaboration with TTB – Teatro tascabile di Bergamo – #TuoCarmine


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