30th June

9,30 pm

(following the show Wabi_Sabi, 30’ duration)

Cloister of Carmine (TTB HQ)
21 Colleoni Street, Bergamo Upper City

Seeds – make space for blooming creativity

First National Repetition

The young choreographer Perle Cayron’s first creation is a duo dealing with the loss of memory, wondering what this illness means for those who are subjected to it and those who are close to them; it’s an interior journey driven by the desire for survival. What to remember? Stay in the past or take care of the present? How to carry on living while your own individual identity and your own story are deleted?     

Perle Cayron started to dance at early age in the school of her suburb. She studies in Conservatory, then in a Sport-Studio-Dance to complete her growth and in 2012 is admitted to the National School of Dance of Cannes Rosella Hightower. During her last training year at Cannes Jeunes Ballet she becomes member of BNM NEXT, the Junior company of Ballet National de Marseille, directed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. For the whole of 2016 she’s been performing in repertoire shows such as “Prossimo”, “Extremalism” and “Boléro”, with the professional dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille. She takes part as professional dancer and soloist in “Crisi”, an important pièce of Emio Greco’s repertoire. At 21 she decides to leave the Ballet National de Marseille and sets out to discover new and less traditional worlds of dance.     

Choreography Perle Cayron
Dancers Maria Cargnelli, Perle Cayron

Supports to production/co-production IGTANZ (Graz, Austria), THEATER MER (Graz, Austria), ASSOCIATION CHAPITEAU MELI-MELO (Versailles, France).

At the end of the evening, #D_talk will take place, a chat between the artist and Lorenzo Conti

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FDE Festival Danza Estate supports #tuocarmine, the culturally oriented restoration project of the cloister of Carmine, meant as an artistic place for research, training and production to be shared with national and international entities, with a multidisciplinary outlook.
#tuocarmine is promoted by Teatro tascabile di Bergamo in collaboration with the Municipality. To know more, visit the site: https://carmine.teatrotascabile.org/