GAME THEORY / Joshua Monten Dance Company

29th of June

9,00 pm

Council Gym
18 Carpinoni street, Bergamo

First Repetition


Before dance became art, before it struggled to express something, before being ceremony or technique, first of all it was a game. Game Theorydeals with the subject of gaming, the common thread of Joshua Monten’s artistic research. Playing a game means setting up situations which are impossible or forbidden in daily life. Playing a game means destroying and creating, flirting with danger, unleashing your own animal energies, feeling the thrill of dominating and being dominated. The variety of dancers’ gestures recalls the primary items of a game – rules and freedom, rituals and surprises, adrenalin and flow – arriving at an esthetically rigorous choreographic portrait, which leaves ample room to irony.         

Joshua Monten, Swiss-American choreographer, approaches dance at 20. As a dancer, he works for Bern Ballett, the permanent Theater of Heidelberg, Öff Öff Aerial Productions and DA MOTUS! In 2012 he founds his own company, which over the years has been performing in international Festivals and Theaters, including Hivernales d’Avignon, Esplanade Theater in Singapore, Opera Prima in Rovigo, Artisti in Piazza in Pennabilli, CIFCET Festival in Cairo, Festival de Danza Nueva in Lima, Krokusfestival Hasselt, Festival de Chassepierre, Swiss Contemporary Dance Days and Queer New York International Arts Festival. He works for theater, opera, ballet, museums as well as divulgation and artistic educational programs. The meeting with several different audiences and several different artistic expressions enriches his working experience as choreographer.   

Choreography Joshua Monten

Dancers Claudio Costantino, Angela Demattè Sandra Klimek, Max Makowski, Jack Wignall

Dramaturgy Guy Cools

Costumes Catherine Voeffray

Lights Jonas Bühler

Produced by Tough Love

Co-produced by Dampfzentrale Bern, Krokusfestival Hasselt

Ph. Nicole Pfister, Jonas Kambli, Christian Glaus