KOKORO Luna Cenere

Thursday 13 June

9.30 pm

Chiostro del Carmine – Bergamo Alta

in collaboration with TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo

Kokoro’ is a single Japanese word translated as our ‘inner being’ but literally embraces two words / concepts, ‘mind’ and ‘heart’. Trying to deconstruct dualistic categories such as “good – bad” , through the work I wonder about the matter of being and perception of reality. The writing of the movement is done instantly as a result of the research for a specific movement vocabulary. The physicality of the action is able to project an inner state through which the observer can distill the characteristics of a “character” or many “characters” never explicitly defined. It’s a dialogue with the body that, exposed in its nakedness, can be transfigured through the performative space and become poetic vehicle, bringing out pictures belonging and not to the real world. The study of movement is joined with the perspective research, pointing out that one scenic viewpoint can suggest many different readings. Important is the relationship with the space in which the action takes place where the point of observation and the dialogue between the performer and the surrounding environment creates new and constantly changing images.

Luna Cenere

Luna Cenere is a dancer and young author from Naples. In 2011 she graduated from SEAD, (Austria) and participated as a guest member to the creations of the company ‘SEAD Bodhi Project’ made by Anton Lacky (Anton Lacky Company) and Josef Frucek (Rootlessroot). In 2014 she worked with Simone Forti and Anton Lacky, in 2016 with the Agitart Company (Spain). In the same year she became a member of the Virgilio Sieni Company (Italy). Author of the solo ‘Kokoro’ selected by ‘Aerowaves Twenty18’, from the ‘Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore-Azione del Network Anticorpi XL 2017 and Winner of the Price for Best Choreography by the’ Solocoreografico 2017 ‘; and “TWIN” work in progress also selected by ‘Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore-Azione del Network Anticorpi XL 2018.

Certified teacher form SEAD, Luna conducts workshops of movement research and improvisation.

She lives between Italy and Belgium.


Company Körper

Collaboration to the production Virgilio Sieni/National Center of Production


Choregraphed and performed by Luna Cenere

Original music by Gerard Valverde

Ligth designer Gaetano Battista

Prizes and awards

Selected by :

Aerowaves Twenty18 Artist

Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore – Azione del Network Anticorpi XL coordinata dall’Associazione Cantieri.

‘DNA – Appunti Coreografici’ Giovani Coreografi Italiani 2016, Romaeuropa.

Winner of :

Prize for the Choreography by SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Showcase 2017

’Residanza – La casa della nuova coreografia 2015 – CUNAE – Nuove Generazioni di artisti – Pratiche e processi per il ricambio generazionale dei giovani talenti 2015/2017 – Movimento Danza – MIBACT.’

foto: Andrea Macchia

Thursday 13 June

9.30pm – Chiostro del Carmine (Sede TTB), via Colleoni 21, Bergamo Alta

 “KOKORO” after “BOB” by Matteo Marchesi: 2 shows of the section  “Germogli” , a part of the review Arcate d’Arte – in collaboration with TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo

TICKETS FOR BOTH: full 15€ / reduced 10€ / special reduced 8€

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