SIN Mario Coccetti

Friday 10 May

8.30 pm

Auditorium Piazza Libertà – Bergamo

with Orlando – identità, relazioni, possibilità

A fortuitous meeting inside a disco connects two perfect strangers who, in one single night, will be forced to thoroughly examine the potential curves of a relationship, in the rhythmical steps of a tango.  

The couple’s dynamics of supremacy, submission, draining, approval, contrast, desire, abandon, control, discovery and loss are mutually performed, clearing the two bodies of their sex, in a choreographic setup in which the only blameworthy act is that of not being able to grasp one possible future, and let it fade as time goes by.

Started thanks to Teatro Due Mondi (Faenza – RA), SIN speaks of human beings’ ideals, freedom and search for happiness, in a society focused only on itself. Through dance, SIN expresses cultural values and something alive, resonant and still burning. SIN investigates the border between human beings’ distance and closeness, the relationships and the desire to meet up and to be recognized as a unique body.         

Mario Coccetti. Choreographer, dancer and actor, is a founding member of Compagnia della Quarta. He has played with several directors, such as Graham Vich, Luigi Squarzina, Robert Carson, Saverio Marconi, Manetti Brothers, and works with Compagnia del Teatro dell’Argine.

In collaboration with Orlando – Identities, relationships, possibilities. 


Choreograpy Mario Coccetti 

performers Rocco Suma and Salvatore Sciancalepore. Production Cinque Minuti / Daria De Luca

With the support of Cantieri Culturali Creativi, De Micheli Danza Festival, Teatro Comunale di Copparo, Teatro Due Mondi

foto: Andrea Gianfortuna

Friday 10 may

8.30pm – Auditorium Piazza Libertà, angolo via Norberto Duzioni 2, Bergamo


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