SCENIC GENOME | Nicola Galli

june 17

two shows: h 7pm + 9pm

DASTE Spazio Eventi
via Daste e Spalenga 13

Scenic Genome

Nicola Galli

Interactive Performance

Scenic Genome is an interactive dance performance set as a gaming session in which female and male spectators are actively engaged.

Just as every human being has an unique and inimitable genetic code, in the same way the audience is invited to discover the uniqueness of the performance, thanks to a playful device freely inspired by genomic research.

The device is composed of thirty-three tiles which each participant can use to generate a personal “genomic string” containing all the information that will be interpreted and put into practice artistically on the spot by the performers, fruit of the interactions and circumstances that take unique shape in the here and now. 


Full 12 € / Reduced FDECard 10 €

Tickets online HERE

Event promoted by Dance Card

Concept Nicola Galli
Danza Margherita Dotta, Nicola Galli, Massimo Monticelli, Silvia Remigio
Assistente al tavolo di gioco Giulia Melandri
Produzione stereopsis, TIR Danza
In collaborazione con MUSE Museo delle Scienze (Trento), Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara, Festival Oriente Occidente / CID Centro Internazionale della Danza
creazione selezionata per l’azione Danza Urbana XL 2019