THIRD DIALOGUE: IN A LANDSCAPE / CollettivO CineticO + Alessandro Sciarroni

In a Landscape

22 may 2021 

6 + 7,30 pm

(two repetitions), 35′ duration
Daste | 13 Daste e Spalenga street, Bergamo

Third dialogue – In a landscape is configured as a poetic and physical encounter between artistic generations who recognize each other without becoming one and the same. A collection of Dialogues by Collettiv0 Cinetic0 in which contamination and differences in artistic research lead to a new territory, a place dedicated to inventing ourselves anew and re-imagining creation. In this third dialogue the theme of circularity dear to Sciarroni meets the team led by Francesca Pennini, who handles celestial hula hoops skilfully, creating a harmonic and delicate design of the space that changes along the homonymous piece by John Cage.

At the end of the second repetition, #D_talk will take place, a chat between the artist and Lorenzo Conti.

A FDE Festival Danza Estate and Festival Orlando initiative.

CollettivO CineticO, a troupe founded in 2007 by the choreographer Francesca Pennini, has at the centre of their research a discussion on the nature of the performative event. They investigate the relationship with the viewer through formats and devices that are both playful and rigorous at the same time, moving between dance, theatre, and visual arts. The company is based at the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara and has produced 51 creations, winning numerous awards.

Alessandro Sciarroni is an Italian artist active in the Performing Arts field with years of training in the visual arts and theatrical research fields. His works are presented in contemporary dance and theatre festivals, in museums and art galleries, as well as in unconventional spaces; they involve the collaboration with professionals from different disciplines. Among the various awards, in 2019 he was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement for Dance.

Directed by Alessandro Sciarroni

Choreography Alessandro Sciarroni

Creation Simone Arganini, Margherita Elliot, Carmine Parise, Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini, Stefano Sardi

Performers Simone Arganini, Margherita Elliot, Teodora Grano, Carmine Parise, Angelo Pedroni, Stefano Sardi

Lights Alessandro Sciarroni

Music John Cage

Clothing Ettore Lombardi

Technique Equipment Stefano Baraldi

Co-production CollettivO CineticO, Aperto Festival – Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Operaestate Festival Veneto / CSC, MARCHE TEATRO Teatro di Rilevante Interesse Culturale Centrale Fies / Art Work Space with the support of MIBACT, Regione Emilia Romagna

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