EAST IS EAST? : a special project for Edition 31#

IN COLLABORATION WITH TTB Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet” wrote Rudyard Kipling. During colonialism this was the slogan of Europe dominating the world, but art was the first, since the beginning of the twentieth century, to defeat this prejudice. Nowadays, the East is among us and by now partly within us; it is no longer a distant and foreign civilization, a world of dreams and fantasy. Like every other civilization, it begins to belong to us, and the relationship is mutual and interchangeable. Western and Eastern dancers, from the North or South of the world, of all colours and cultures, are perhaps prepared to become in present days just dancers, and therefore creators of the universal language of the body and founders of a new anthropology where the great traditions of Asia are intertwined with those of Europe and the West.


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