23rd of June

7:00 e 8:30

Teatro Sant’Andrea
37 Porta Dipinta street, Bergamo


Equal Elevations is a project created for the Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, in relation to Equal-Parallel: Guernica-Bengasi, a work made by Richard Serra in 1986.

The choreographer Marcos Morau starts from the dialogue springing from La Veronal and the sculpture which Richard Serra has conceived as a spacial experimentation and a temporal analogy of two historical facts: the bombing of Guernica (1937) and the attack on Bengasi (1986). This conversation concerns the spacial juxtaposition between dance and sculpture, movement and weight, lightness and gravity.

Marcos Morau has studied photography, movement and theatre in Barcelona and New York. He builds up imaginary worlds and landscapes in which movement and images meet and blend. Marcos has managed La Veronal for more than ten years, as director, choreographer and set, light and costume designer. The company has been touring throughout the world showing its pièces in festivals, theaters and international settings.

The core of their research is a powerful body language, based on the annihilation of any organic logic, splitting up movement and making it a unique identity.      

Choreography Marcos Morau

Dancers Jon López, Lorena Nogal, Marina Rodríguez, Sau-Ching Wong

Production La Veronal & Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

With the support of Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España and ICEC – Department of Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Ph. Joaquín Cortés/Roman Lorés