GRAVITAS | Ofir Yudilevitch

24 giugno 2022

ore 20,30

durata 35’
DASTE Spazio Eventi
via Daste e Spalenga 13


Ofir Yudilevitch 

In Gravitas two dancers use an inflatable mattress to play with gravity exploring all its possibilities.
Trust, success and failure are traced by Asher and Ofir in a challenge where they try to outdo each other in different trials. Bodies falling to the ground like trees being cut down; bodies effortlessly rising in an utopian dance.
A lively and playful performance intersecting multiple characteristics of relationships and human beings, using gravity as the basis from which to go beyond the limits of this exploration.

To follow, at Lo Schermo Bianco, the showing of Si c’était de l’amour, by Patric Chiha, France 2020, a documentary in the original language with Italian subtitles.
In collaboration with LAB80.  


Full 12 € / Reduced FDECard 10 €

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Concept e coreografia Ofir Yudilevitch
Performers Eshed Avraham and Ofir Yudilevitch
Musica Son Lux- Easy, TNGHT- Higher Ground remix, Hakobune- The Leaf Strewn Path